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Easybridge allows our clients to withdraw funds from their SACCO, MFI or Bank accounts from any VISA Electron or MasterCard branded ATM in the world as the case may be. Locally, our VISA solutions are authorized and approved by the Co-operative Bank of Kenya, while the MasterCard authorization is through PesaPoint Limited. Besides accessing their funds, clients can also use their ATM cards as regular Debit Cards to pay their products in Supermarkets, Restaurants and all business establishments where a regular Debit Card is accepted. Our Solution is among the best-rated in the country and is not only used by Amtech but also by other solutions provided by other venders.

TIt's a Sacco Management Software used by Co-operative societies and MFI's in their daily processes i.e. Loan processing, shares and portfolios, dividends, financial reporting's.

It's a sytem that allows smallholder farmers to get loans through the Savings and Credit cooperatives (SACCOS) and farmers organization by enabling SACCO's and FO's to access smallholder farmer transactional and non-transactional information on real time and better determine his/her credit worth-ness based on their transactional histories.

It's a comprehesive Dairy Management System that has been tailored to track all the farmers's details, payment details, sales, Agrovet solutions. It also has SMS functionality and Insurance premium tracking. It's been implimented and deployed in over 30 SITES in Kenya with over 120,000 registered farmers.

Its Tea Management System that track's farmers' produce from the firm to the factory, payment details, and sales produce.

It's a web based application used by Banks and MFI's to track card movement from customer application to Dela Rue and bank to the customer.

It's a solution for sending and receiving bulk SMS as per the customers request. Its also used for notifying Clients on their total monthly produce, Guarantors information, Debits and credits on their accounts, and defaulters. Futher more SMS mobile banking becomes a unique tool for not only radically improving customer service but also to generate additional revenue and aid in the prevention of fraud.


Our specific mision is to provide "total state of the art business solutions " to small, medium and corporate organizattions in all vertical markets.

We do sale computers and servers to our clients,do maintenance and also repair incase of damage.In the process of network needed also we offers the solution as per need.

Amtech Technology Ltd is an ICT firm established meaning we train our clients and give consultation to ensure that they get what they deserve to propel their business and organization forward.

We have experts in web design and develpoment.